Concours Golden Roads & La Baleine

We have a strict money management.
5% profit target
3% max. Drawdown

We will start in April a registration in pre-selection :
1 month on a demo account at 100K €
1 month on a real account at 10k €
1 month on a real account at 50k €
Once these validations have been acquired, we finance each trader up to 1M € minimum.

You can work from your house/office or our office.
1 meeting per month in France, we pay.

We are looking to form a team of 4 traders (two in the index/forex market and two in the crypto market).
To pre-register thank you to use this form :
Concours Golden Roads Capital & Management & La Baleine

You will not be asked for €/$, you will not be asked to have your own capital. We are looking for talent, if you are self-made, it is not a barrier for us, we will accompany your training.

<2.50% = HIGH-WATER MARKET until minimum 2,50% reached.
> 2.50% <4.99%, 10% of profit
> 5% <6.49%, 20% of profit
> 6.50% <7.99%, 25% of profit
> 8%, 35% of profit

You achieve the 3 steps.
You are hired !