Golden Roads

Never sacrifice the dream for the  mundane.

The fund

Golden Roads Capital is a fully licenced and regulated privately held alternative investment fund operating out of Amsterdam. Operating since 2018, our objective is to provide our clients with sound investment strategies in the digital currency market. We know how difficult it is to navigate such a volatile market, which is why we have a number of different investment strategies to ensure impressive rates of return while mitigating risk. Our objective is to build and maintain a long term relationship with our clients, investors and stakeholders.

Who are our clients

- High net worth individuals
- Day traders looking to diversify
- Professionals
- Venture capitalist
- Financial consultants

About Golden Roads Capital

Our Mission Statement

Golden Roads reason for existence is to provite it's investors with a satisfactory return of investment. We achieve that trought a mix of day trading and long-term holding in a space we know well. Our stated goal is to provide investors with a rate of return beetween 20 and 25% per year. Altought that is a high goal by most standard, we belive that the volatility of crypto-currencies can be used to achieve this result on a regular basis, and have managed to do so more often than not so far. In time, we belive we could become a market leader in digital asset management and asset protection while providing high quality consultancy for companies, private equity firms and individual investors.

Risk management

Our team is committed to providing meticulous due-diligence and a thorough fundamental and technical analysis of the crypto-currency market. We are committed to providing our clients with solutions tailored for different market conditions. Our team dilligentry analysize market trends before investing. This limits exposure to investors as once a position is at a loss it is rapidly liquidated in favor of a position with a more favorable outcome. The objective is always to limit investor risk without sacrificing yield potential

Why invest with us?

GRC is one of the netherlands only actively managed crypto-currency funds. With us, you can take advantage of the impressive performance of cryptocurrencies without the compromising risk of personal ownernship, on top of benefiting from an experienced team at the forefront of the industry.

The Future is Bright

We have set for ourselve a goal of 5 millions euros under management for 2021, with long term goals of 10 millions in the next four years.

In a world of ICOs, volatile changes in currencies and lack of predicatability Golden Roads is here to shine a clear and prosperous path for investors willing to grow their capital in that space.


Investment process

Here is a step by step explanation of how investing with us usually works

01. First contact

Meeting with us can be arranged via our contact page! We will delighted to hear from you and see how we can grow our business together and help you reach your financial goals. The minimum investement size is 100 000 euros or dollars.

02. KYC Requirement

After our first meeting, we will have to conduct some KYC requierement. That particular part of the onboarding process is done by our friends at AbilitiesTrust, who handle the whole thing.

03. Profit starts

Once all the KYC requierements have been completed, it's time to get serious and sign the contracts! Upon reception of the investment, we will immediatly start managaging your capital.

04. Quarterly returns

On the first week of every quarter, you will be presented with the quarterly results, upon which you will be able to make a decision! Will you take your profits, or will you trust us to grow your capital even more?

Investment strategy

Please find below our investement strategy. Our main priority is the safeguard of the funds under management, with most operation done with a 1:2 risk/reward ratio in mind. We make a point to remain hightly adaptive so that we can quickly react to an ever changing marketspace.

  • Minimum Investment:


  • Term of contract:

    1 year renewalbe contract, profits can be withrdrawn quarterly

  • Management fees:

    2% per contract

  • Goal:

    beetween 20% and 25% ROI per year for our clients

  • Adjustable withdrawal:

    If any time you need the capital that you have invested with us, you may contact us and we will forward you the capital within the next 10 business days

  • Funds safety:

    Your funds are held safely by Bank Frick, and we work closely with two trusts - Van Der Kloet and AbilitiesTrust - to protect your assets.

Distribution of Investment


Here's what we have been able to accomplish so far :

Management Team

The management team is composed of experienced traders and new blood coming from the tech industry.


Pierre Grolier

Founder & CEO

Mr. Grolier completed his M.A. at the University of Kent in computer science in 2017. His thesis presented physical and intrinsic time-based strategies for algorithmic trading. The next year, he went ont to complete his second M.A at Epitech. Pierre identified an opportunity in the digital currency market and raised a EUR 850k seed funding from private investors.

Kévin-Julien Duarte

Co-founder & Risk-Manager

Mr Duarte was appointed risk manager at GRC in February 2019, Mr Duarte was risk manager at Finotec from 2009 and 2011 and founded his trading firm in 2011 before sucessfully selling it in 2014. Mr Duarte has a decades worth of experience, founding, managing and financing alternative investment funds.

External counsel:


Promyth Adnan

Business Consultant

Mr. Adnan completed his M.A. in computer engineering at University of Kent in July 2019. After completing a B.A. in sociology, Promyth worked as a consultant at AC Nielsen and Milward Brown.

Martin Judson

Business Consultant

Mr Judson completed a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) at the University of Kent, Canterbury, England, in 2018 and is currently an NCA candidate. Martin equally serves as a consultant at Judson & CIE, a financial restructuring firm based out of Montreal and has provided counsel regarding business transactions.


Goldenroads Capital is fully licenced in the Netherlands and is registered with the Dutch Trade Registry and Central Bank, as well as the FACTA. Our firm works closely with Blenheim LLP, Amstone LLP, the trusts Van Der Kloet, AbilitiesTrust, and Bank Frick.


We are looking for critical thinkers with strong analytic skills, initiative and the ability to work in a team environment.

Business provider

  • 20% of company profit + 1% of management fees
  • Target 500k € / year

Crypto Trader

January 1, 2020
  • 20% of profits up to 2M €
  • Target 5% per month (drawdown max. 3%)

Index/Stocks/Forex Trader

June 1, 2021
  • 20% of profits up to 1M €
  • Target 5% per month (drawdown max. 3%)